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Medical & Wellness Advanced Pedicures 

Taylor Holmes- Medical Pedicurist, Advanced Pedicurist, Foot Care Specialist

By: Tay Holmes

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What Are Advanced Pedicures?

Advanced Pedicures are non surgical foot care services that include medical or wellness pedicures and other care techniques. These types of pedicures prioritize client health and safety rather than aesthetics. These pedicures are performed by a state licensed pedicurist who is certified as a medical pedicurist or advanced nail technician. This foot care specialist will have a relationship with a doctor for referral purposes for treatment and diagnosis of conditions outside of that technicians scope of practice. Advanced pedicures are safe for all an completely customizable depending on client health status.

Medical Advanced Pedicure
Most Beneficial for problematic feet, those severely chronically ill or any under the care of a doctor.  The medical pedicurist and a doctor will typically work hand in hand with the patient to maximum foot care results through the pedicure process. The doctor will help oversee the pedicure experience for the client, while the pedicurist will guide them in the process. 

Wellness Advanced Pedicure
Mostly sought after by individuals chronically ill or not, but will not have problematic feet. These individuals are after the health and wellness of the experience and the detail of the service, rather than doctor oversight. 


  • We guide our guests hand & hand, in their unique footcare journeys, educating routine footcare & encouraging ongoing maintenance.

  • We meet you where you are in your foot health journey,  and will customize pedicure to meet your needs.

  • We continuously educate ourselves on new techniques in our field to keep our clients up to date on care methods.

  • All services performed by Medical Pedicurists.

  • We can refer out to medical professionals when necessary. 


"This is Not your average Pedicure..."


"The first waterless pedicure I ever had and I will never go back to how the salons did it before! Definitely worth every penny I paid! Not only are you amazing at what you do, but I can also tell you really care about your work and your clients too. 
You're the only person I trust to do my feet now!"

Ready to Get Started?

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