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There are five levels of Pedicure Sessions based on client status and condition of feet. Levels determine pricing range  for each client's unique footcare journeyThe client will progressively or instantly move to lower levels based on feet improvement or overall health and need.-Upgrades and select Add-Ons can be added to each session to create a more custom experience.-Seasonal specialty Pedicures will be available for limited times.-Please be sure to read our guidelines and policies BEFORE booking.Level 5: Pedikhemistry Clinical Jumpstart   sessionNew Clients looking to begin their journey with no extras. Level 4: Pedikhemistry Clinical Toenail Therapy    SessionNew or returning clients desiring safe Fake toenails to cover clinical imperfections .Level 3: Pedikhemistry Clinical   Maintenance   SessionReturning  clients in need of  maintenance of problems areas, Onyfix toenail  correction or fake toenails.Level 2: Pedikhemistry    Wellness Steam Session  Returning clients showing improvement  in their foot care journeys and/or have healthy feet and desire a relaxing foot care experienceLevel 1: Pedikhemistry  Wellness Essential   Foot care    Returning clients with healthy feet and prefer guided basic care of feet, no extras. Great for diabetics or other chronically ill individuals, and anyone wanting routine care.Pedikhemistry Upgrades: Signature Stone and  Mud SpaSignature CBD Spa 


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